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What are RSS feeds?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds allow you to be notified when new content is added to a website, without having to visit the website to check. If you're interested in an item delivered in an RSS feed, using a feed reader, you can go directly to the relevant article, bypassing the home page.

How do I subscribe to the feed?

There are three ways to subscribe to an RSS feed: using your browser, using special feed-reading software, or using an online service.

The easiest method is to use your web browser. If you use Firefox, Internet Explorer version 7, Safari or Opera, all you need to do is follow the link to our RSS feed and your browser will guide you through the process.

If your web browser doesn't support RSS feeds, you can download special software that lets you subscribe to feeds. Examples are Feed Demon (for Windows) or Net News Wire (for Mac).There are others, try a search, or find examples here.

The third option is to use an online service to subscribe to RSS feeds. Popular services include My YahooBloglines or Google Reader. They allow you to view all your feeds on a single page.