. . . beyond the reach of the world . . . (2009) 16'

- Solo Version -

Orchestration: Violoncello

Commissioned by: Woodend Arts Association with funding from the Scottish Arts Council

Dedicated to: Rohan de Saram

Availability: Contact the composer for performance materials

First performance: 15 November, 2009

Rohan de Saram, Woodend Barn, Banchory, as part of the Sound festival.

"...  rivetting ..." The Los Angeles Times

This is really two works in one: it can be performed as a solo cello piece (16 minutes), or in a second version with cello and percussion (17 minutes). The two versions were developed simultaneously, and written at the request of the internationally acclaimed virtuoso cellist Rohan de Saram.  

Projection of two further versions: In the slightly more distant future, I see a possibility of yet another version of the work: cello with flute, and cello with live electronics, perhaps with a view to a much larger work for multi-media involving additionally voice, a second cello, electronics and film/video projection. 


Listen to excerpt
Rohan de Saram, Sound Festival 2009